Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thursday, August 2

Today I logged 7 miles, which weren't too bad save for the fact that Christine hauled major ars on the final leg. It was enough of a workout to allow me to continue my illicit affair with Mr. Moose Tracks this evening. Hell, we may even invited Mr. Peanut Butter to spooon with us for a few minutes of naughty fun.

Last night Grace made a new friend. I had the radio playing in our room where she was bouncing on our bed. A commercial came on and a woman started speaking in a conversational voice. "Hello, I'm Kathy Bortz, assistant director of admissions at DeSales University, and I blah blah blah..." Well, Kathy had Grace at "hello." Grace immediately stopped jumping and walked over to the radio and responds, "Oh, hello." She continues to listen to Kathy. Kendall kept jumping, and Grace says: "Kendall, be quiet. I'm listening to my friend." Grace stares at the radio, hanging on to Kathy's words. She wears this perplexed look and even looks behind the radio. Finally, the commercial ends and a song starts. Grace says: "Oh, my friend is singing now!" With that, she jumped back on the bed and bounced on. If only Ric Ocasek from the Cars knew he was mistaken for Kathy Bortz of DeSales, Grace's new friend who lives in the radio.

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