Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social notworking

I've been rolling my eyes lately at social networking.

Yes, I have a graduate degree in technology. Oh, and yes, I have the equivalency of a second graduate degree in technology. Thus, I wholly support the ideology of teaching with an approach toward 21st century learning, focusing on collaboration, creativity, cooperation.

But I truly subscribe to the argument that social networking is hampering the interpersonal skills needed for healthy relationships and growth. Besides the obvious drama and horn-tooting, social networking consumes so much time that could otherwise be productive.

I've read enough research and conjecture that supports both sides, all of which makes me curious to see how this generation of digital natives will fare in the upcoming years. Already I see the communication and writing skills of students making a slow descent into an abysmal pit of poor dialogue and articulation.

Today, I just continued to shake my head at Facebook, which recommended a line-up of four "friends" for me--four people who clearly have no connection to one another, four people who will never be a part of my personal life.

The first is a student who wrongly slandered me. Enough said.

The second is someone who took advantage of people I love in numerous ways. Enough said.

The third is a person who committed a grave transgression against me. Enough said.

The fourth is Tyler, who can only continue to live through Facebook and memories. Enough said.

Only one of these four will ever be worthy of my time, and he's been gone for two years. That's how well Facebook knows me. If I could only click "dislike."

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