Saturday, March 10, 2012

So big, yet so little

I still consider my youngest squirrels to be, well, young. And although they both remain in the ages of single digits, they secretly long to be "10" because it has two numbers. Oh my! How exciting, I know!

Keni has a deep love for Lady Gaga, and i wish I could dissuade her. Today she asked if I could buy her Victoria Justice concert tickets, and if not, she'd take a Gaga show.

I vainly tried to explain why Gaga was not a good choice.

But why?

She's too old.

But you're old.

Why, yes. Yes, I am. Thanks for the reminder, dear.

But you let me listen to the Beatles. And they're old.

Yes, they're not only old. They're dead.

And so it went.

She already knows a handful of Gaga songs. She tries to wiggle her way as best as her still uncoordinated 6-year-old body will allow her. And she'll wear her hair ala Gaga, if allowed.

But the hope on to which I hold revealed itself last night as we sat in a diner where they were playing music. Four notes into the next song, both girls quickly responded: "The Beatles." They probably know at least 30 Beatles tunes, and that will pacify me for now. It has to.

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