Sunday, January 31, 2010


So for the better part of a year, I've been floating various ideas for a writing project. Right now, two proposals clearly appeal to me.

One is not my idea, but I stumbled across a photo that I thought was more than a nugget of a screenplay. So I set a plan in motion with a few other people, and I think I can be a solid contributor, a key scribe behind the kid geniuses. It is Bud Light: no guilt, lots of fun, easy to swallow. But fruitful.

The other spawned from my own sense. It started out as a good idea, but somehow my brain polished it up as I slept. When I awoke, I realized that it evolved on its own, impregnated in my dreams. It is Guinness: heavy, serious, hard to get down. But gratifying.

I welcome both. Each will sap a lot of my personal time, from my family, from my training, from my energy. Still, I anticipate that they shall reinvigorate my soul and my spirit, my desire to leave as many imprints as I can before I leave. And since we never know when that will be, the best day is today.

And so now I shall write.

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