Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father of Girls

A father of girls sleeps in the afternoon while his progeny traipse elsewhere. I see other fathers tossing balls in the backyard. Others ride bikes. Some simply walk the trail the encircles the community, sons and daughters by their pot-bellied side.

But this father, he sleeps. He deserves to.

This father awoke early today and left for the quiet solitude of the parkway, away from a house full of women. There he ran 10 very hilly miles in 1:06, which is pretty damn quick for most. Still, he said he cruised it, trying to hold back, while some fathers sat in front of plates of bacon or continued to sleep.

This father really never knew his own father, a man I will probably meet once -- as he lies in a casket amongst flowers we ordered.

So he had no mentor, no role model. Yet he has chosen to be the best father that he can be to these girls, and for that I have the utmost respect.

He doesn't view his children as dependents. He doesn't view them as baggage. He doesn't waste his life trying to please them or me or anyone else except himself. He faced challenges for much of his life was a challenge.

And that's why this father has never settled, has never looked for the easy path, has worked harder than any man I have known. And there have been quite a few...

So sleep, father of girls. You deserve to.

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