Friday, June 22, 2012


She, who pushes

through the hurdles

of being her,

keeps fighting the tide

that never ceases.

A spider web,

delicate and fragile

She remains, yet capable

of bearing strengths

often unexpected.

I watch as you grow

from confused and anxious

to strong and sociable,

relentless to win

a swim event,

a new friend,

a boy's smile.

And I close my eyes

and wonder when life

won't always center

around your


She, who dodges

the hurdles

of being her sister,

keeps trying to construct

her own path.

A chrysanthemum,

resilient and perennial

she remains, yet sensitive

to the fact that her sister

is different.

She is younger yet

older, taking mother's

role through comfort

and persuasion,

Big shoes

she wears.

Tonight beneath the setting sun

you quietly ponder:

“When will I compete? When

is it my turn?”

It is your turn, Calliope,

little thinker,

it is time

for you to learn

that you don’t have to live in her


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