Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year

It's been a difficult transition into the New Year. And I simply choose to not go into detail.

However, I continue to feel blessed to be surrounded by some people who appreciate my oddness. They remain loyal, steadfast, resilient, understanding. And so when I do feel the blues tapping on the window, I have a solution.

I simply dress my squirrel.

Or shall I say, squirrels?

My older brother (really old since he will soon turn 50) gave me one of these for Christmas. Oh, the beauty of SkyMall.

But then I returned to school from the holiday break, only to be greeted by the sweetest of little birds: Maura. And for me, she offered a bag. And what did it contain? Yet another one!

How bad can my day be when I can dress a squirrel at home and dress an entirely different squirrel at work?

Pretty cool, I know.

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